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Dear Diary, I haven't been visiting for so long... There were a few times, when I felt so tempted to come here and rant, but didn't happen. But today, here I am once again, greeting you like an old friend; a really close, old friend. I think I sounded a little over-dramatic there. The truth is, I am longing to write something. Anything. Writing is my known therapy for stress. And today is just the day for it. I am sad. And I am unwell, physically. Chest pain, a series of bad coughs - a result of second-hand smoke. :( I don't know the explanation to this, but I think I am more susceptible to cigarette smoke than many others. My brothers for instance, they seem ok and doesn't show any obvious symptoms like I do, every time I inhaled second-hand tobacco smoke. And what's even worse, I can't really avoid it. It is really sad when smoker doesn't respect you and your well-being. When they could hear you coughing so badly and yet still they smoke in front of you - to me that's pure selfishness and rude. :( It even hurt more so when you already told them you do have problem with them smoking. 3 times! I've had breathing problems since child, and I think I have a really good idea of the main cause, now. You, I love you. I really don't want to wish and pray anything bad for you, but you are hurting me, mentally and physically, and seriously. I wish, hope, and pray that you'll have some sense knocked into you and see from my perspective, please? :( Sincerely, helpless me.


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