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You, woman
2011-06-19, 9:41 a.m.





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Dear Diary,

I was told dark secrets lately. I never knew things have gone this far. So far indeed.

I'm not gonna spill every little details out here, but still I feel the need to let a little out somewhere.

I feel hopeless, and I really don't know what to do. Or where to even start. But I really have to try and fix this. It needs to be fixed. The much sooner, the far better. Problem is, we can't do much right now. So far the best I can do to help is just pray. I feel so sad and sorry for my mother. I pray that she will be strong, until we can finally do something about this. It has to be quiet, too. I'm really thinking hard on how to earn. We need it desperately. We need to cure him. :'(

Woman, I don't know how you can do these to all of us. I really don't understand how you could have the heart to destroy us. But since you have proved that you can this much damage, all I can think and say about you is how vicious and evil you are. I don't want to believe you did all these to us, you know. I mean, you knew me. We have met, talked, I've been to your house, and though you (tried to) smiled so sweetly at me, I just couldn't like you. There was always something wrong about your presence. I knew it. But I let go. Tried to think otherwise. I could be wrong. But little did I know that my wrong part was that I didn't tell.

I can't even imagine how you could drag your son into this. How could you taint your son's life with such sin? How could you? You have a very cold heart. Your heart was probably even made of stone.

Woman. Though I hate you for what you did to us. I still hope and pray the best for you. I pray that someday you will come to your senses and realizes all your wrong-doings and sins and seek for His forgiveness.

Please stop hurting us all. Most of all. Please stop hurting my mother and father. :'(



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