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I've lost a rock, but found a diamond instead!
2011-06-09, 7:38 a.m.





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Reading through some of my old entries here literally makes me want to puke. Gosh! What pathetic life I've been leading last year? Could I be worse? I intended to remove such entries at first, but then again I guess maybe it's also good to just leave them there as they are - as a reminder to myself. I swear I was almost crazy those days! I even fell sick more than twice. I lost almost 6kg and weighed at 49.5kg for the first time in like, say, 7 years? haha. But that wasn't good, it wasn't healthy. I was pale and everyone keep asking me why I looked terrible. And that's just another reason for me to hate the culprit. I HATE YOU! But I wasn't so smart either. How could I have let him destroy my life like that?? I swear he must have stolen at least 5 years from me! :( u know when you're leading a miserable life a little too long it does no good to your skin. Ok I'd rather not tell you the details, but I certainly look much older than 2 years ago now. Oh I realized how much I hate him now.

So, that was then. I guess I'd rather not talk much about then anymore, simply because it doesn't really matter anymore. I am still very much hurt when I think about it, of course. But what matters now is that I'm happy. So much happier, in fact I couldn't even remember being any happier than this. :)

I have my Knight in Shining Armour. <3

I've lost a rock, but found a diamond instead!


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