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2009-07-03, sometime late





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"Models are individuals that like others telling them what to wear, how to walk it, and what size they should be."


Ah, okay, I'm not making fun of models, no... It's just that today I saw and heard so much about them, good and bad...mostly bad...

And then I saw this video that compiles some 'fell-over' moments of models on the catwalks. Watching that video I couldn't help thinking "why do women hurt themselves like that, they're willing to wear uncomfortable things like the usual unusually very tall shoes and all...when in reality most women are not that tall."

And not to mention about the anorexia issue, eating disorders and all that that has been affecting young, average, and the not so naturally thin girls as well. How many real tall girls in the world that has the body proportions of a model? I'm not judging women who are naturally thin and tall - I know there are women who just can't help being tall and lanky and slim and what-else at the same time, but there are more women who cannot be so thin naturally. Instead they have to work hard to achieve such unattainable weight which means either by over-exercising or not eating healthily, which is sad... :(

Young girls these days are trying so hard to be ultra thin, that the supposedly normal body are considered 'fat'. Instead of aiming to be thin why don't we try to be healthy - neither underweight nor overweight?

Who set the beauty standards that women should look in a particular way? Women comes in different shapes and sizes, what's wrong with that? Besides, we don't want everyone to look the same do we, like the supermodels do...


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