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2009-05-18, 3:40 a.m.





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made a new account, but I'm certainly not new at all, I mean I've been writing in other places as well before but oh well, I just feel like opening a new book in my life so...

been lazy writing anything recently, but I've to admit that being me, once in a while I really need to write something, just anywhere as long as I could write some things down, even just some random thoughts of the day

since I'm going to have a lot of free time until July, I figured maybe opening a Diaryland account would be a nice idea

Well, I'm enjoying my semester break right now, nothing of importance had gone by recently, though I've just taken exams and all. Now talking about my exams, well I really don't know what would I be getting, but all I know is that I hope I could get at least A- for all my maths subject, I've never get anything lower than that so...

anyways, now I'm back in my hometown again, I've never been happier I guess. Got myself in on a part-time job as a cashier - truly not the kind of job that I like, mainly because it takes the best part out of me, it drains me of my energy, time...oh everything! And from my experience, I hated it so much when there were some very rude customers that came to that shop and treat you as if you're a slave. And oh, didn't I mention that I've worked there before? Yes, I did... I, in fact, could still recount the number of times I fought with a customer! Yeah, 3 in fact. All of them were grown-ups, but immature. Honestly, I think they deserve what they got from me... Now the only reason I accept the job is just because I wanted to have at least a little income. I do feel guilty sitting at home doing nothing and depending totally on my parents.

well, it's really late now, I guess I should really go to sleep now, been sleeping so late lately I always wake up feeling so tired...*yawns*



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